Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lunchtime Respite

I can't let the missus do all the blogging, so here is from from me - although it is concerning the aforementioned good lady.

Today we did what all good married couples should do on a regular basis....
get out of work and meet at the pool for a lunchtime swim!

It brought back some interesting memories of when we were first "courting" - her swimming up and down the pool with the grace of a dolphin and me lumbering and spluttering in her wake like a hippo, just trying to keep up.

Nevertheless (I love that word!) I managed to just about complete the workout and am now craving either a Kit Kat or 3 Musketeers bar (Milky Way for the Brits).

Oh, and I suppose I should get back to work!


The Hall said...

Want to try our set?

500 warm-up
300 pull
2 x 150s Free
4 x 75 alternating stroke and free
6 x 50s alternating stroke and free

Kick or cool down.


Candie said...

I would not like to try your set. I remember swimming in your wake just like Paul during water polo. I would be lucky right now just to be able to finish a 50.