Friday, June 5, 2009

5 on Friday: Plans

The arrival of summer always gets me jonesing to start a bunch of projects. It's something about the warm air - especially in the mornings - that makes me want to improve our outdoor space. (And this house was in dire need of improving.) We've got some big ones down, namely a re-graveled driveway, new stairs and entryway for the front door, and a little perennial garden in front. But oh, there's so much more we'd love to do. The work begins tomorrow. Here's the list.

1. Paint garage doors and front door. Hunter green for the garage and a robin-egg's blue for the front door. Oh, the fun.

2. Hang up A's baby swing.

3. Plant a raspberry patch, complete with deer fence, on the side of the house. And maybe a few tomatoes too.

4. Build some Adirondack chairs, paint them to match the front door, and stick them under the pine trees in front of the house.

5. Sit outside with a margarita and enjoy!

Want to come over to help? Margaritas are on us.


Norah said...

yes! I want to come help with all of those things... now I just need to develop some teleportation device to make it possible! Be sure to drink a margarita for me...

Sharon said...

That's a lot of work for one weekend! Good luck and have fun! M's Uncle Doug and Aunt Carla are heading into town tonight for some fun. Can't wait to have them.

Candie said...

I will definitely be there for the margaritas! I am not so sure about the hard labor though. Can you use a one handed, biking klutz?

Heather said...

Your place is going to look AMAZING! We need to get out there and have the margaritas in the chairs first hand.