Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Full Circle

Did you know we have a fairly new, dinnertime tradition? We both have to say three things that we're grateful for at the dinner table each night. There is real research showing this improves quality of life. Crazy, huh? Some nights, the things we're grateful for are pretty impressive. Sometimes, they're pretty darn silly. Chocolate makes Paul's list on a regular basis. The jogging stroller had made mine on more than one occasion.

In other less-exciting news, it's quiet again on the homefront. The house is spic-and-span, everything in its place.

The visit from Nan and Gramp was one of discovery. They wanted to see our home, the nursery, and how those crazy cloth diapers work. They wanted to see the farm market around the corner where we stop on the way home when we're out of milk. And the view from our back deck. But, most of all, they wanted to get to know A a little better.

It's strange for me living so far away from the vast majority of our family. Paul has had nine or so years to get used to it. But for me, it's easy to forget that we're raising our little guy so far away from the people we love. I forget they don't know about A's fuzzy giraffe blanket, which is a great help in getting him to nap when it's placed snuggly over his ear. Or that he tips his head to the side when he's sitting in his booster seat, so that he can look at you upside down while you're trying to feed him. Or that he LOVES to be surprised - by a sudden little bounce, or a head popping up from around a wall, or a sneaky tickle. Nan and Gramp had a chance to see all that - firsthand, 24 hours a day.

Last night when we came home from work, everything felt oddly normal. Paul and I sat up at the bar in our kitchen, shoveling in chicken stir fry and recounting the visit. Then we breezed through the things we're grateful for. (Surprise, surprise: junk food and the jogging stroller made the list yet again.) Now that I'm writing this, I realize what I should have been grateful for: That A got to spend 12 whole days getting to know his grandparents. Yes, he's too young to realize they're visiting from England. But I saw the look in his eyes. It was one of wonder and awe, with a hint of familiarity. Those are his peeps. One day, he'll realize that he's very fortunate to have them in his life.

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