Friday, May 15, 2009

5 on Friday: The ? edition

1. Did you know tomorrow is landscaping day at our house? Plants will be purchased, mulch delivered, curb-appeal boosted. We're excited! A might even get to play in the dirt for the first time.

2. Sunday is outlet-mall-shopping day. I JUST discovered there looks to be a fairly decent outlet mall about 45 miles away. Mom and I are cautiously optimistic. Aren't you too?

3. Did you see the Grey's Anatomy season finale last night? How is it that a mind-candy show can swoop in and make you think about serious stuff? I'm still a big dumb-struck, in a good way, I think.

4. Now that the heavy TV season is over, can I make a plug for this show called Wipeout? It's had me in stitches nearly every time I've watched it. Who doesn't love to see people falling down? (Wow, I'm full of questions today. I don't know what's come over me.)

5. I have to brag: Paul was the first guy in the mini-race the Ithaca triathlon club holds every Wednesday. He's fast. And hot. Don't you agree?

Someone, please comment and answer one of my questions. Lest I think I'm writing to myself.


Monica said...

You are not talking to yourself. 1. I really can't comment on gardening activities as my back yard has gone from "cozy green lawn" to "overgrown jungle patch." 2. Yes, I am excited. 3. I haven't watched that show but my sister told me about it getting all intense. Maybe I'll download and watch some seasons on my Ipod while communting on the train. 4. Dude-Wipeout...hilarious. However, it must be said that the Japanise version on Spike tv with the dubbed voice overs can't be beat. 5. I feel weird about saying your husband is fast and hot.

Shantee' said...

I saw the last five minutes of Grey's. I was sad .... and giddily happy at the possibility of my least favorite character going away. This may make me watch again! Enjoy the outlets!

A2Girl said...

1. I haven't watched grey's anatomy at all this I am v. curious
2. Paul is hot - I will have to see about fast
3. I don't know what wipe out is- but you HAVE to look at this seriously - you will be snortin gwith laughter
4. good luck with garden work and don't set your expectations too high about the outlet place...just b/c its nice to be pleasantly surprized :)

Sharon said...

1. Love the idea of A digging in the dirt. Little boys should be dirty as much as possible.
2. Ooooh, my fingers are crossed for you. All outlets are basically the same - kitchen gadget store, cheap bra store, etc. Have fun!
3. Sorry, I watch on DVD so I have to wait 6 months for the next season to come out.
4. I LOVE watching that show. It's a great show to DVR - hilarious! My favorite are those balls - those contestants must have to sign quite a waiver, I always think someone is going to conk their head or break their neck. And sadly that's what makes it funny. Sick and wrong.
5. Absolute hottie.

The Hall said...

You guys are the best - thanks for giving me a chuckle.

Here's the short of it: gardening was quite a success; the outlet mall was good (dress, jeans, a few tops, great kid stores); still thinking about Grey;s; still funny; and still hot.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll say it cause I am old enough to be his mother...your husband is fast and hot! haha

Heard about the outlet mall trip from your mom. Sounds like fun. And I heard about sunglasses!

Can't wait for new pix.

Haven't caught up on Grey's yet..but plan to, glad you didn't have a spoiler in your Friday edition.

Pauly said...

Um - thank you all for the "fast and hot" comments. Nice to hear, even if I now feel slightly awkward...