Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One of the many things my husband gets right

We have this on-going debate in our house about - yes, you can believe it - grocery shopping. You see, Paul and I come from completely different schools on the matter. I am a dallier. I go to the store with a list, but I like to see what looks good. I look for inspiration. The eggplant gleaming at me as I walk in the door...I could do something yummy with that. What, I don't know. So I venture down other aisles looking for tasty treats that I can pair with my gleaming eggplant.

Paul is an efficient shopper. He goes with a list and he sticks to it, come hell or high water. When he comes home, there is nothing extra in his grocery bags. Not even those delicious-looking fresh strawberries the produce man just put out. He didn't even notice them.

And when we go together...watch out...we're the couple bickering in the produce section. That, or Paul gives up and heads for the magazines while I dally.

Today...wallah...I found a tiny little article about some Cornell research on grocery shopping. (Yes, we study things like that here at Cornell. You should really click on that link. It's absolutely fascinating stuff.) It turns out, Paul's got it completely right.

I guess I'll have to let him do all of the grocery shopping from now on. Sound okay, babe?

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Alison said...

You guys are too funny - Brad and I are the opposite! I stick to my list and allow myself one "extra" thing that looks good, and he goes in blind. Which drives me crazy, because he comes home with all this fun stuff but forgets milk and eggs. And when we go shopping together, watch out...our bickering could give you a run for your money! I'll have to share this entry with him. He'll get a kick out of it.