Thursday, April 23, 2009

5 on Friday: A little early

I should call this one five on Thursday, but it doesn't quite have the same ring.

1. I'm headed to Michigan this evening - excited to catch up with family and friends! (And go shopping! Trader Joes, here I come.)

2. Paul and I went to the movies this week for the first time in, oh, nearly a year? (Thanks to my mom - the rockin' Grandma babysitter!) Paul picked, and it was still fun. Any guesses what we saw? Oh, and get this: we were the ONLY people in the whole movie theater. We didn't have to whisper, and I stood up and danced around in the middle of the movie. It was bizarre.

3. I'm baking homemade bread. That's right, we haven't had a slice of store-bought bread all week. And it's so easy. Really, you could do this too. (If you click on that link, I swear it might change your life.)

4. 7 days until Nanny and Gramp arrive from England. The excitement is palpable!

5. We had a wintry mix this morning, but I didn't even care because it's going to be in the 70s this weekend.


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