Friday, May 1, 2009

5 on Friday: Special family edition

1. Nanny and Gramp are here! The stories will be legendary - count on it. Starting with lasagna for dinner tonight.

2. Mom and I did a whirlwind - seriously tornado speed - tour of Michigan last weekend. It was great to see everyone, and exhausting at the same time. Photos are coming, this weekend, I promise.

3. The bread baking is going fabulously. It's been about two weeks now since we've are store-bought bread. And it's really quite easy - even Paul occasionally bakes a loaf.

4. I have a cranky boy, these days. It's hard to tell why. He's not into napping in the least bit. I keep trying to tell him to get his zzzzzs before he's a sleep-deprived parent, but it's not working. Oh, and does your kid always sleep better at day care than at home? Mine does. It's ridiculous.

5. Pauly is getting back into racing this weekend. Photos of that to come. That's a lotta pictures.

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