Sunday, April 19, 2009

5 on Friday: A little late

but better than never:

1. A and I had the most wonderful morning reading books together. The big boy can turn the pages now on his own, but only if he's not interested in eating them. In that case, all bet are off.
2. It seems that spring is really here. Which meant a little bike riding for me yesterday. Hooray for that.
3. There are no longer massive potholes in my driveway. Last week, you could have gone swimming in them. Or taken a mud bath.
4. Fillet Mignon for dinner courtesy of Omaha Steaks and in honor of #2.

Baby's crying, so four is all I've got today...

1 comment:

Sheila&John said...

A doesn't have enough toys. I'll have to give Grandma Pat a hint.