Thursday, September 18, 2008


It seems like we've got a stubborn little kiddo on our hands, as Baby F. is still sitting completely upright in my belly. He or she is not buying the head-standing, acupuncture or chiropractics I've tried - go figure. We've got a little procedure scheduled tomorrow to try to spin the little munchkin around. If the baby isn't diggin' it, we'll most likely schedule a c-section for Oct. 1 or 2. (Funny how we could actually pick our kid's birthday!) Although if the baby decides to flip before the c-section, we'd be back to the normal birth plan.

So that's the scoop! Thanks for everyone who's checked in. I'm feeling pretty positive about tomorrow - everyone says we got the doc with "good hands." I should also note that baby and I are both very healthy - none of this is painful or dangerous, just a bit of a nuisance. And we've had a few extra ultrasounds to check on the baby's position, so we got to see the baby's face close-up and found out that he or she has a full head of hair!

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