Friday, September 19, 2008


Good news from Cayuga Medical Center - Baby F. flipped over this morning! with a bunch of help from Dr. Gelber. The procedure essentially involved Dr. Gelber grabbing onto the baby's head and butt from right on top of my stomach, and then swinging the little munchkin around. The whole thing took about 30 seconds. It was a bit uncomfortable, but the baby handled it just fine. So now we wait... two-and-a-half weeks until d-day!

It's an amazing beautiful day here in Ithaca - 70 degrees with that bright orange fall sunshine that I love. After the baby-flipping, Paul and I headed to the Sunset Grill, our favorite diner thanks to its amazing lakeview deck. Overall, a pretty great day.

Oh, and check out who's been visiting our backyard lately.

Good thing for those birds that Paul doesn't hunt, or we could have been looking at Thanksgiving dinner!


Sharon said...

Congrats! Go baby bo! So glad things are in the right place now! It would have been kinda cool to know when you were going to go though, but I know not having a C section is a big plus.

A2Girl said...

Yeah!!!! excellent news!!!

Candie said...

Baby F is going to dive head first right out of ya!
Those turkeys look YUM YUM GOOD!

Candie said...

Is baby F. here yet?