Monday, January 14, 2008

Sad News

Usually our blog tries to be upbeat and happy but today is sadder. Our dog, Summer was hit by a car and died. As some of you know she nearly died from Parvo virus at 7 weeks old so all her time here on Earth was special for her. This is not an obituary but a celebration of her life with us. She taught Sheri and I lessons will we pass on to other dogs, our kids, friends and family. Patience. The ability to love unconditionally. Living in the moment. We found her one winter’s day two years ago at an adoption center; she crawled into my fleece jacket and fell asleep. We’ll miss her crazy antics, slobbery greetings and constant happiness.

Sleep well, Little Sums.


A2Girl said...

I'm sooo sooo sorry - Summer did bring light, joy, patience and if she really liked you a little something yellow! She will be dearly missed and I am thinking of you two - call me anytime! love, Aim

Pat said...

I loved that dog! I feel like part of our family is gone. She was so so loveable! Her face was adorable!

Sleep well, Little Sums!

Dave said...

I am truly sorry to hear about Summer. She was such a sweet little dog, and her facial expressions said so much. To me, they often said "Dave, I know you are sort of afraid of me, but I promise that I won't try to bite or eat you, so you can relax, and just throw me the friggin' frisbee or something." I liked that about her, and I liked her sometimes manic energy.

A real character, Summer was. She will be missed, and my heart goes out to both of you.

Dave M.

Kim said...

Oh, wow -- I'm really sorry to hear that news. I can only imagine how sad you feel. Part of what makes this kind of loss so difficult, I think, is the suddenness and randomness of it. I feel for you both.

Sharon said...

Oh, dears, I am so sorry. You are right that she was a blessing to have no matter how short her time was in this world. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sheri and Paul, This is Nui (Bogey's mom). Your mom has just told me the sad news and I'm very deeply sorry. Bogey and I will sure miss Summer and a little winter time we had together running around in a backyard covered with snow. She'd been Bogey's best friends since both of them were puppies. We love her lots. I'm sure all dogs go to good places after they are gone as they live to give people happiness from their unconditional love.