Saturday, January 12, 2008

Keepin' it real - in the woods

Paul in the living room.

View from the back deck.

We're arrived, and it's already been in adventure! Let's just say that we had some romantic notions about living in a log cabin that aren't, well, very accurate. For one, the wood stove is hard work. The first two days we tried to use it - notice I say "tried" - we ended up with a house full of smoke. We're getting better though. This morning the house was still fairly warm.

Here's another good one - especially if you know Paul - so far, we can't get TV service of any kind. The Dish Network guy said there are too many trees around our place. We have one more chance with Direct TV next weekend - keep your fingers crossed! Something else we don't automatically get: garbage pick-up. Still trying to figure that one out.

With all of the hassles of rural living, there are huge upsides. The cabin is starting to feel really cozy and the property is absolutely beautiful. We can go for a good half-hour hike from our front door. And the biking - oh my goodness - that is going to be amazing.

We're still living among boxes. Today is the first time the computer has been up and running since November. That means more frequent updates from now on. Until then, stay warm.


Pat said...

Looks like 'Home' to me!

A2Girl said...

love the wood - at least in the bits I can see!

hope you figure out the sounds you in the middle of the night! usually you can pay for a garbage service - for a weekly pick up - or you have to take it to the dump or you can get real rural and do what people do in Unadilla -dig a hole & burn it - nice aye?

Heather said...

hey! it looks great! what an adventure!

note on the garbage - we don't have pick-up either. we have a dumpster that we use which is quite close. what i do is make a habit of taking any full bag of garbage with me when i leave the house on any given day. old car - i plopped it on the hood. new car - in the back on the cargo tray. i drop it on the way to town. this may not work for you depending on where you will need to drop it, but it does work in terms of making it a habit - it will keep the # of bags you have piled up in check.

we also have to do our own recycling. i get it ready every Sunday night (load in car) and take it on Monday mornings. pain in the butt at first, but once you are used to it, it is easier. our recycle area opens at 7. again, not sure if you have one, or if it is in driving distance, but creating a 'habit' makes it a lot easier.

i'll get you guys some tips on the stove - as i mentioned to sher last night, my entire family seems to actively use those things (dad, bro, cousins, uncles...)

Heather said... again... i was just thinking that this is going to be the perfect place for your composter! you tell I'm a little obsessed with waste removal? i swear..once you do it yourself, you have a whole new fascination with the whole process. :-)