Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thank you and snow

First, let me start by saying "thank you" for all of your kind messages about Summer. Your stories and memories of her made us laugh more than once during this really tough time. We truly appreciate it.

We're getting a bit more settled everyday and making new discoveries about the woodstove that help keep the house warm. Paul had a big breakthrough today when he discovered we were lighting the fire from the wrong end. Who knew there was a wrong end?!? Much thanks to our neighbors Megan and Joshua for the kindling, invaluable tips and homemade mustard. YUM!

We've also had snow! The woods surrounding our house look like a scene out of Narnia. It's very quiet, and slightly warmer and brighter than before. Breathtaking!

As of today, I've rejoined the working classes, and man does that feel good. Cubicle and all.

Stay warm!



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Alison said...

I just read about Summer. I am so sorry, Sheri and Paul. She was the sweetest little puppy, and really my best memory of her was that she used to pee when I pet her. I took that as a compliment.