Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tour de Letdowns

Professional cycling is in a heap-load of trouble and is losing fans - myself now included - faster than it can eject cyclists from the Tour de France. With three major contenders kicked out of the race in this week under suspicion of doping, this sport is no longer fun to watch. Media outlets across the world - including Outside magazine, Germany’s two publicly owned television channels and one of Switzerland's biggest papers - are dropping their coverage. Meanwhile, the president of cycling's governing body told the BBC that the sport is not in crisis. Huge disappointments all around for what should be a thrilling and spectacular sport. These guys need to get their sh** together.


bender said...

Of course, this controversy overshadows the actions of Paul Freemantle (GBR, team AATC), who was thrown our of Le Tour de Ann Arbor for allegedly free-basing Tim Furbacher's sweat in a misguided attempt at capturing Fubacher's energy and soul.

Reached for comment, Paul was overheard muttering "yeah...if I had only done this in the back 40, I never would have been caught. I could have been the greatest!"

Will the insanity never end?!

Pauly said...

I would like te respond to these slanderous comments. I never took Tim Furbachers sweat. It was Dave Morris's. But you try riding behind him on a hot day, it's just inevitable from the amount of sweat that comes off his helmet.

babypohemus said...

Not to split hairs, Paul, but that sweat comes off of my tongue and paws.