Thursday, July 26, 2007

Paul's First Post

So my wife can write a great blog, which is good as she has a degree in journalism. I however have a degree in engineering, so expect less from me, OK?

So... Atlanta. So far so good. Last Friday I was at the Earl in East Atlanta with my buddy Brad's band Vortex Park. Then on Tuesday, Brad and his wife Molly brought a bunch of seriously nice of wine over from their neighbor who is a wine distributor. Drinking on a school night... whatever next?

Yesterday was my first bike ride since being down here (dog issues that I won't go into), and I got rained on. But it was good to be riding in the hills again. For the bikers, the six gap century or three gap 50 is September 30, so if anyone's free for some spectacular riding let me know.

Keep in touch everyone!


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toughcookie7 said...

Hey guys -- I'm finally checking out your blog! Oh, and I've been keeping a blog for 2 years now where I write all about my tri training and probably lots of stuff that's completely inappropriate to share with ex-coworkers. You have been warned...