Sunday, April 21, 2013

In a box...

Hannah tried on real underpants for the first time this morning.  She was so excited and proud.  Paul and I kept checking with her to see if she need to go to the bathroom. "Nothin' comin'," was her answer.  Then we made a total rookie parent mistake.

The kids often play in our basement on their own while an adult is in the kitchen.  It's easy to hear them down there, and it keeps most of the toys our of adult spaces in the house.  Hannah asked to play in the basement, and we agreed. (There's that rookie parent mistake.)  Ten minutes later, she came climbing up the stair with wet underpants.  I took her to the bathroom to get her cleaned up while Paul went to the basement in search of the puddle. 

Meanwhile, Hannah - sitting on the potty now - tells me, "Wee in monkey box."  It took me few tries, as well as hearing Paul's laughter in the basement, to realize that she found a cardboard toy box in the basement and peed in that. Not far off, I guess. But we're back to diapers today.


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vacationmomma said...

I can attest...girls are easier than boys to potty train....and usually much earlier. Way to go Hannah!

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