Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dear Hannah!

Let's try this again...

My little girl turned two this week. (Gasp!)  It's funny, I read something the other day that struck a chord with me. It said, "First time parents will see their 2 year old as all grown up. Second-time-around parents will see that their 2 year old is really still a baby."  It's so very true.

Certainly, Hannah can pour on the tantrums with the best of them. She can wine, cry, and tattle on her brother like no other. But she is the sweest girl - quick to apologize when she's done something wrong, always ready with a kiss, and coming out with new things to say all of the time.  Her favorites right now are: "Wait a minute!" when she has a new idea; and "Have it?" when she wants something but is not sure it's okay to take it.

This girl of mine is an animal lover. She is giddy over the dog that we occasionally care for, and is always excited about the pets at her best little buddy's house.  We'll have to get a dog or cat for her someday, to be sure.

For her birthday, she wanted balloons, cake and ice cream. And she wanted to be sung to at every meal - easy breezy.  Here are two to check out.

 (Notice the icing on her face from sneaking a fingerful while I put the candles on...)


Sharon said...

I'll call you this week to swap 2-year old birthday stories. Yeah Hannah!!

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