Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A letter on a 4th birthday

Dear Aaron,

You turned four years old this week - a milestone that you are so excited about.  Your birthday fell on a Saturday this year, which was a special treat because it meant you could spend the whole day with Daddy and have a party on your actual birthday.

For your celebration, Nana inspired us to throw a pirate party and, man, was it fun!  We dressed up with eye patches and tatoos, and had a big treasure hunt to find a pinata, which was filled with gum and chocolate gold coins.

Before the big day, you only had two requests: gum and lemon cake, even though you never had lemon cake before. ("But I like sour things, mama." For the record, you had one bite of cake and said you didn't like it.  We did have mint chocolate chip ice cream on hand for this exact situation.) But after you opened the Lego space shuttle Daddy picked out, you told us that was exactly the present you wanted. You and Daddy are truly two peas in a pod. He can walk into a toy store and know exactly what you will love. You've slept with that space ship every night since you opened it. And right now, you're laying on kitchen floor next to me imagining some wonderful space scenario. You love anything that flies and you are full of questions about planets, and physics and the sky.  (Where does the sky end and space start? Why can't you see air? How big is space?)

I do feel like you're growing up before my eyes.  The phrases you use and the questions you ask continually astound me. Today when I tried to hold your hand walking down the street, you told me, "Mama, we can hold hands at home."  But when I drop you off and pick you up from school, you always want a kiss and a cuddle - a request that I'm happy to grant for as long as you like.  I feel so lucky to guide you along this wonderful journey of growing up.

All my love, buddy.



Janet said...

I am speechless! What a wonderful letter to A. He is truely a one of a kind!

habenoit said...

I love the letter Sher. Made me teary!!

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