Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Moseying along

It's been a long time since I've made it to this space. With both kids on the move and busy, I have some time of my own, but it's definitely a matter of choosing how I spend it. And the blog hasn't made the list lately.
But things are moving along just as you would expect - preschool, swing sets, teething, a great impromptu birthday party for Hannah. You get the picture.

Hannah is walking with ease now, even over terrain outside. She's adding new words to her list everyday. The favorite is "Waaaa" for water, or anything to drink, really.  "Baa" is book. She knows exactly which one she wants and will let you know if you choose the wrong one. She's a very sweet kid, bestowing kisses on everything and everyone - books, dolls, and her big brother (to his dismay). Her baby dolls must have a blanket at all times, so I'm finding kitchen towels and face cloths in the living room regularly.

Aaron is growing leaps and bounds as well, and asking lots of big boy questions like why can't we see our bones and what would happen if the moon fell down. I always try to answer with as much honesty as possible, although I do have a little fib going about how a leprechaun has been turning our breakfast smoothies green.  A little spinach in the morning is a good thing.  :)

Here's a few more recent shots.  I'll be back soon, promise.

An Easter dandy Easter morning  

Sibs Sibs (Note my new craigslist chair waiting for re-upholstery.)

Hannah's M.O. - Big brother's hat, Hello Kitty, blankie Big bro's hat

Birthday cupcake, complete with learning-to-walk forehead bruise Cupcake!  

Big kid table Big kid table  

Parents keeping it real High five

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