Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kid yoga

As Hannah learns to move, she's putting her body in all sorts of new positions. While Paul was in Japan for work last week, she learned to climb the stairs (which led to all sorts of furniture barricades piled in our front hallway). Aaron was thrilled by this development, cheering her on and holding open the gate at the top of the stairs so that she could get to her room. Those two are going to be trouble together.

Then, there's the perpetual kid yoga class happening in our living room...

downward-facing dog split

(ignore the lack of trim)
baby yoga 1

kid yoga 1

Other times, he's less-than-thrilled with her. Last week he told me, "I want a baby that doesn't touch three-year-old toys. Then she won't make me mad. (Long pause.) Mama, all babies touch your toys, don't they?"

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