Friday, September 9, 2011

Little H

I can hardly believe as I type this that Hannah is only 10 days shy of six months old.

This little girl has certainly stolen all of our hearts. From the day she was born, she could give Paul and I this look - a sort of longing gaze - that makes both of us melt. Paul is certain she's going to use it as a teenager to borrow the car and extend her curfew. She's honestly the most smiley baby I've ever seen. Even A is quite happy to lay on the floor and play with her. His favorite things to tell her at the moment is, "Sorry, Hannah. You're too little. You can't cookies, go bike riding, go downt the slide..."

At nearly six months, Hannah has:

- Found her voice. She's still quieter than her brother, but she lets us know when she wants something.
- Learned to sit up. And it's her favorite position!
- Experimented with a few foods. Avocado seems to go down the best. Rice cereal, not so much.
- Learned to cough to get our attention.
- Perfected the art of flirting - honed by all the attention from nurses as we have helped Nana through her knee surgery.
- Learned to time her #2s perfectly before important our house closing, and Aaron's first day of preschool.

Here's a little video of our little girl in action:

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