Sunday, November 14, 2010

A few of my favorite things

We're getting to the stage where A says stuff that cracks up Paul and I.  For example, he calls his new basketball hoop  his "basketball hula."  (I think he gets it confused with his hula hoop.)

Last night, he was eating some blueberries for a snack before bed, and had a little conversation with his dad (who is not really a fruit eater.)
A: Daddy have one.
Paul:  Okay.  Ummmm! 
A:  No, daddy.  All the way in. 
Paul: I don't want to.
A:  C'mon, daddy.  All the way in.

And my personal favorite:  the three of us were sitting on the couch reading stories one night.  Sometimes, A talks about the baby in my tummy.
A: It came out! 
Me:  What came out?
A: Baby.
Me:  Not yet.  It's not time for the baby come out.
A: Baby comes up, up, up, up, out of your mouth!
(Paul and I look at each other completely befuddled, then crack up. When you think about it from a two-year-old's point of view, it's actually very logical that something in your tummy would come out of your mouth.)

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vacationmomma said...

Just wait a few years and you tell A where babies really come out and where they come from! That will be the day! I remember it well. lol