Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big day for a two-year-old

A had his first day at preschool and he got a new tricycle yesterday.  Talk about exciting!

Ready for school
(Of course, his hair was untameable yesterday morning!)

Sportin' the backpack

The school is a great little home-based center that focuses a lot on art and nature, and he'll be going for two mornings a week. We spent a lot of time talking about it before he went - library books about the first day of school, looking at photos of the school on-line.  When it actually came time for me to leave, he gave me a kiss and said goodbye.  I walked out of the room, and then heard him crying a minute later.  But I was good, and just left.  Apparently, he only cried for about 10 minutes - I'll take it.

He was excited (and messy!) when my mom and I picked him up - both signs of a good day.  In true Tellerico tradition, we all went out to lunch to celebrate.  (I will always remember my Grandma taking all of us cousins out to eat after the first day of school.)

Onward to the evening, when Paul and A put together a new tricycle from Uncle Frank.  A is thrilled - he kept saying over and over, "Look at this!  My own bike!"  His feet don't quite reach the pedals, so he can only go about 3 feet at a time.  But considering we're riding around inside our little ranch at the moment, that suits me just fine. 

New trike


Alison said...

How exciting! And Sheri, he's looking more and more like you every day!

Sharon said...

Is he not wearing any pants on that tricycle?! What a big day!

The Hall said...

Oh yes. A is pantless most of the time at home now, and he uses the potty all by himself. But put anything on his bottom, and it's game-over for the potty training. Go figure.