Friday, December 11, 2009

Five on Friday: Randomness

1. We need to buy our second set of toddler cabinet locks. A figured out the first set in two months. I think we'll try these this time. Or these. Advice anyone?

2. I've been roped into doing something else this week: a swim meet this weekend. Please wish that I don't embarrass myself. Yikes!

3. It's COLD. But A is snug outside is a faux fur snow suit from Grandpa. He looks like a gorilla when he's wearing it. But, get this: he LIKES it.

4. We're doing a winter CSA, and we got elephant kale this week. It looks like what you think it would look like. Boy oh boy, we're going to get our vitamins in.

5. Watch this. It had Paul and I doubled over laughing last night.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

I haven't heard anything about those locks but let me know how they work out! We've been holding off installing the standard ones and I wonder how quickly M will figure them out!