Thursday, August 20, 2009

Five on Friday: Flying

Each week just seems to fly by, and then the weekend goes as well, and I'm left with wondering what I'm doing with all of my time. I'm fried. So here's a rambling list of five things I can think to write down before I zonk out for the night. 1. I went raspberry picking this week with A, my mom and Norah. I have to pick lots of extra raspberries because someone likes to stick his hand in the bucket and eat. 2. I'm training for a half marathon. It feels good. 3. Our friends Megan and Joshua are coming into town for a quick visit this weekend, with their trusty friend Grady of course. This will be fun. 4. We've got a camping trip planned in Lake Placid next weekend. That will be fun too. 5. I'm eating lots of rainbow swiss chard this year and lovin' it.


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