Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some things never change

Among them are:

  • My rockin' college friends. When we're together, I swear I'm still 21. Except wiser. These ladies are amazing.
  • How much I absolutely love the ocean. It only take a few days getting tossed around in the surf to make me feel completely alive. Wow.

Photos of the trip are here. And more are sure to trickle in.

P.S. - One thing that does change is A. It's only been four days away, and already he's grown. He is giving the first indications that he completely understands what you are telling him. ("Where's my nose?" He points to it. "Do you want to eat?" Big smile.) And it was SO exciting to come home and see him. How often are you completely psyched to come home from vacation?

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