Friday, March 6, 2009

What I need

Last Saturday was officially labeled as errand day in the Freemantle-Hall household. And boy did we have lots of them to do. We went to the bank, then Paul dropped A and I off at the mall for some shopping (new swimsuit for me, baby food for A. Speaking of which, what other town can you buy babyfood at the mall?!? Anyway...)

Then we all went to my new favorite grocery story (and Trader-Joe substitute), the diaper store and the bike shop.

Would you like to know the best part of the crazy day of errands? (This is the part where you mentally answer "why, yes" and keep reading.)

While crusing around downtown Ithaca from store to shining store, we passed by the marquis of the local theater. And just guess what it said. Just guess. GOMEZ.

We drove by so quickly that I didn't think I read it right. But sure enough, I checked today and they're coming!
Yip, yip! Woot! Weet!
This may not seem like the biggest of deals to all you city folk. But there aren't many bands I really love that come to Ithaca. I am so excited, I don't think I can focus on anything else today. (TGIF.) April 1 is going to be a very, very good day. Anyone else in?

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Dave said...

Man, I love Gomez. I've seen them, and they're great live. Wish I could be there!