Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not in Kansas

So much to write, so little time. Suffice to say I'm having an adventurous weekend celebrating babies-to-be, with a little green for good measure. We gave a rousing celebration for little baby Jones Friday night - with parents like hers, she's one lucky girl. Tomorrow, preszies and good wishes for baby Skinner.

Being away from A is very strange - the worst part is not being able to kiss him goodnight and give him a cuddle in the morning. But being in a big city feels strangely exciting compared to little ol' Ithaca. And if I could, I would give you a taste of the delicious food we've had - YUMMy Yum Yum. Back to mommy-hood tomorrow. More then.

P.S. - Hi guys, miss you!!! xoxox


Pauly said...

I want to ask the red headed one a question... Will you marry me and have my babies???

Alison said...

You didn't say what city you're in. I guess Chicago?

The Hall said...

Pauly: Too late. I already have a dreamy husband and the cutest little guy in the world. ;)