Wednesday, February 4, 2009

4 months

This post is mainly for A, and for posterity sake. He's four-and-a-half months old now and a complete joy. I know I'm biased, but he's seriously a good kid. To create a formal record and all, here are some of the things he's doing:

**Learning to roll over. He can go from his tummy to back, and has a much easier time of it when he's naked. Hence, we do naked-tummy-time everyday (on a waterproof mat).
**Sleeping through the night, and has been for two months. (See, told you he was good!)
**Eating cereal - has been for about two weeks now. And tonight was the first time he seemed to really like it. He prefers oatmeal to rice cereal, and he really likes it when you make a big production of the incoming spoon.
**Smiling all of the time. He's seriously a happy kid. He can't quite giggle yet, so he just screams instead.
**Loves having soft things brush up against his face. He always falls asleep with a blanket or cuddly toy next to his cheek, and he loves to play peek-a-boo when you cover his face.
**Always moving one hand - either brushing something or banging on something. He wants to touch everything and LOVES new textures at the moment.
**Teething, we think. He's drooling a ton, a bit cranky at night (which is unlike him), and really settles down if you rub his gums.
**Still chatting to Colin the Monster.
**Would rather be standing than any other position. (Thank God for bouncers!)
**Likes falling asleep to music...anything mellow, really. Some popular choices are the Baby Mine CD and Norah Jones.

Paul, Mom...did I miss anything?


Anonymous said...

The only thing missing from your list is how fortunate, Aaron, you are to have such great parents!

Sharon said...

He is so darn cute! And so happy! I can't wait to see videos of him talking and walking and getting into trouble.