Monday, October 20, 2008

Farewell, fair Honda

It's a landmark day on Meadowlark Drive. My little green Honda - the first car I ever bought, the one that saw me through my twenties - is headed off to a new owner. I never thought I'd be sentimental about a car, especially one with 168,000+ miles on it. The thing is, those are all my miles. I bought that thing a month after I graduated from college. It saw me through boyfriends, jobs, road trips, moves. It had it's hood and roof trampled at a Paul Simon concert. It moved me across the country, twice.

Aaron and I are going out for one last drive this afternoon before the new owner comes to collect the Honda. Even though I've complained (a lot) about the car's road noise, and broken air-conditioning and lack of traction in the Ithaca snow, I think I may shed a tear as it pulls away. Something to do with my car-guy husband? Or maybe it's the post-partum horomones?


On a less sentimental note, there are new pix up on our flickr page. At this point, we can't seem to take a photo that doesn't feature Aaron. But he's super cute!


A2Girl said...

I totally get it - I know I have a weird relationship with my jeep - even though people like your husband are afraid to even be inside it - when do you get your new ride?

motownrunnergirl said...

i felt the same way when i sold mine but when i got my new one i quickly forgot!

Dave said...

Is it time for the mini van!?

The Hall said...'s an MPV. So much cooler than a minivan.