Monday, June 30, 2008

Crossing the lake...or trying, at least

Ithaca hosts an event called Women Swimmin', where hundreds of women swim across Cayuga Lake to raise money for hospice. When I heard about it, I immediately wanted in. But the event is not until August, which may make me too pregnant to participate. And we're scheduled to be out of town that weekend. So I was really psyched when I found out the Ithaca Tri Club hosts a weekly Monday night swim across the lake. I took the mandatory canoe and safety clinic a few weeks ago and signed up for the first swim thinking the sooner I accomplish this goal, the easier it will be.

Well, tonight was the night. And unfortunately, the group didn't make it all of the way across lake. We got about halfway (the entire distance is about 2000 meters) when the wind kicked up and our accompanying canoers decided we should turn around and swim back. I did get in a solid 35 minutes of open water swimming, which felt great! And being out in a fairly big body of water was very cool.

We'll be traveling and moving for most of July, so I think I've missed the chance to swim all of the way across this year. But I'll be back next year to go the whole distance. In the meantime, there's a more chill Thursday swim that follows the shore. That will probably be more the speed of the munchkin and I. :)

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A2Girl said...

I'm so proud that you tried! probably best that you all listened to the canoe folk - imagine having to climb in one of the canoe's again????????