Thursday, June 26, 2008

8 days 'til vac

Not much to report, other than we're still working hard on the house. We're pretty much livin' for our 4th of July trip to Michigan right now - 9 days of beach, biking (for Paul) and hanging out with friends and family. Best of all - there will be no house projects! We might not even talk about the house.

In the meantime, have you caught all of the buzz about the swimming events at this summer's Olympics? With Speedo's new suit and more swimmers trying new techniques, it's sure to be a fast year. Trials are next week in Omaha, Nebraska. (Not nearly as cool as the 2004 Long Beach trials!)


Candie said...

VACATION!!! I hope you have a ton of fun this weekend! I am looking forward to finishing my 1st rotation and some outings with my future mother in law...

Gregory said...

Sheri and Paul,
Happy 4th of July. Where are you guys up north in Michigan? I'm in Cedar for the weekend. I thought you'd enjoy this article about Dana Torres the 41 year old Olympic swimmer.
Take care,