Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mission: Impossible

My mission - should I have chosen to accept it - which I did - was to get some new parts for my mountain bike and get it running so that once the snow is gone I could get some early riding in.
All sounds fine right? Wrong.
I had all the parts and was looking forward to a day of tinkering in the basement; however, the gear cables that were sent with my new shifters were too short. No problem - I'll go to one of the three bike shops in Ithaca and get some new ones.
Little did I realize that Ithaca is small.
Bike shop 1 - didn't have the right cables
Bike shop 2 & 3 - CLOSED!!! ALL DAY!!!
The down side of living in a small town. So this is as far as I got. Although I did have fun tinkering with Vicki instead.

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