Friday, December 28, 2007

We're still here

Apologies that the holiday buzz has kept both Paul and I far, far from any computers. We've had a great Christmas - holiday spirits, family fun and Uncle Randy's cheesecake to boot - and have retired to spend the New Year holiday in jolly ol' England, where is it 35 degrees and raining. (Yes, I ordered a meal from a fish and chips shop today and "Mushy Peas" were on the menu for £1.90. That's like $4 U.S.!)

Tomorrow, stay tuned for a photo collage of our trip to date. Until then, we'll leave you with some Christmas cheer. Hope yours was happy and healthy.


Cuzin Lumpy said...

What is Paul opening in that picture? He looks pissed!

Cuzin Peppa and I are sad that you won't be able to make our New Years Day wang dang.

The Hall said...

Not as sad as we. Have a cup of spirits for us!

A2Girl said...

nice doo pauly!