Sunday, December 30, 2007

God Save The Queen!

Ah, yes, this is one very lovely country. From the winding roads, to the lush green countryside (even at the end of December!), to the delicious mince pies - we're living it up British-style at the Freemantle home.

A car journey to Oxford.

Christmas cake. Think American fruit cake on steroids. Hand decorated by Paul's mum - what a beaut!

Avebury stones. Older than Stonehenge.


Alison said...

Your mom came with you to England? How fun!

Tiny Tim said...

God bless us, everyone.

A2Girl said...

nice cake :)did you pull the english crackers and where the paper hats?? I never understood that tradition

Mike "Mike" Hudson said...

I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our British friends this day...mostly thanks to that CAKE!


A 'proper' cake if I've ever seen one.