Monday, January 5, 2015


Okay, let's try this blogging thing again.

Over the Christmas school break, we've had a little problem with sibling teasing in our house.  I think - now that I'm coming up for air - that so much together time forced all three kids to compete for my attention constantly. This lead to lots of bickering and name-calling.We tried sending them to their rooms, but that just seemed to make them more cranky. We tried a "Love Chart," we even thought about calling them names back (just kidding), but nothing seemed to work.

This morning a good friend who is a teacher told me about her classroom rule for name-calling. For every put-down, you have to deliver two "put-ups" by saying something nice to the person you teased.

That sounded good to me!  I explained the new rules to the kids at breakfast, and almost immediately had a chance to put this rule into action this morning when Aaron called Hannah a dummy.

A: Oh, I forgot (about the new rule). You mean right now?
Me: Yes, right now.
A: But I don't know what to say.
Me: You could tell her you love her. You could think of some things that she's good at.
H, with a big grin: You could say that I'm pretty.
A: I'm not doing this.
Me: Yes you are.
H, with an even bigger grin: You could say that I'm special.
A: Okay, I love you Hannah. I can't think of another one.
Me: Yes, you can.
A, after an awkward pause: You're good at cooking. (Then he cracks a big smile.)
H, beaming: Thank you, Aaron. Would you like one of my gummy bears?


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HILARIOUS! Glad you're back :)