Friday, August 3, 2012

Growing up

This morning, I hear Hannah chanting "Maaaama" from her crib and went in to get her.  As I lifted her up and laid her on the changing table, it suddenly dawned on me that she's not a baby anymore. She's officially a little girl.

Little girl with hat

This little girl-ness comes with some new developments.  She's learned to say "no."  (It was only a matter of time, right?)  And suddenly she has preferences about what she wants to wear.  No kidding.  You'll notice below the latest number is a tutu from Nana.  And she loves.  (And so do I, but, shhhh, don't tell.)

Aaron is having a great summer.  Today is the last day of camp at a little nature center up the road.  He LOVES it - making new friends, hiking everyday, and always coming home wet.  I don't hear much about what he does - it's like kids have a secret code to keep camp to themselves.  But I had to go back today because I forgot to drop off his snack, and he was yucking it up with some new friends.  As I was leaving, I could hear him say, "Hey guys, my mom forgot my snack!  Isn't that silly!" 

His sense of humor is blossoming, and it reminds me so much of Paul.  He loves the road runner and super heros.  And racing.  Every chance he can get - bikes, running, you name it.

Standing in front of the fan

Hanging out on our front porch is currently my favorite way to pass that witching hour between dinner and bed. The kids seem to appreciate the fresh air and shade as much as I do. Right now, I can't imagine winter and snow and darkness at 6 p.m. Yikes!

Front porch racing 1

Front porch racing 2

Front porch racing 3

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