Thursday, July 12, 2012

Catch up

We're deep into summer now and it is wonderful. I never anticipated being able to relive summer vacation through my kids. It is truly magical. We're spending each day in water of some sort - the lake, the creek and the pool are top choices. When those aren't an option, the sprinkler comes out.  Aaron is learning to swim and convinced he's going to pass the deep-end test by the end of the summer. (Mama is not so sure if that's a good idea.)

 Hannah is learning new words everyday. We got blueberries in our farm share yesterday, so today's new word is "ba-ba" - the exact same word that Aaron used for blueberry at one. Maybe it's universal baby language. She loves talking on the phone, and often asks me in her own way to call her dad at work or Nana. When she gets the phone, she cocks her head just so and says, "Mmm-huh, mmm-huh....bye." I wonder where she learned that from.

I lament sometimes that I don't post here more often. Many days, it feels like writing is just time spent away from soaking up the blessings of my (crazy) children. They are truly a joy.

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Janet said...

I miss you guys when you don't write in this blog! I seriously look every day to see if you have added something. I have a link to your blog on my toolbar! lol