Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh, the joy!

Can I tell you what a joy it is to connect with old friends?  And especially when you just happen to have kids the same age.

We spent the weekend visiting my best friend from high school and my college roommate whom I was randomly paired with my freshman year at Northwestern.  The travel was a bit painful. Little kids don't take so well to missed and delayed flights, it turns out. They do, however, handle the "L" at rush hour with grace. (A short aside: Every time with passed an exit for Chicago Avenue, Aaron would announce that this was our stop since we were, after all, going to Chicago. And when we stayed on the train, he would get upset and insist that we missed Chicago. I love 3-year-old geography.)

But the visit was magical, and completely worth it. The three of us happen to have kids the same age. (That makes three 3-year-olds and three 1-year-olds - or nearly - in case you're counting.)  Although we have all taken very different paths, when our six kids were stomping around in the Millennium Park Fountain, it was so clear that we're all in this stage of motherhood together - these amazing women that I've shared so much of my life with. And that feels so good.

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get a photo of all of the kids together.  There were just too many bathroom breaks, and eye wipes and tummies to fill to coordinate a picture.  But I did get some pretty funny action shots.  I'll add more once I raid everyone else's cameras.

  Hannah in the fountain Hannah

Aaron working on some breaststroke while Miles looks on Breast stroke in a public fountain

Attempt at a group shot with the Skinner kids Take 2

Family photo Family pic

Jumping beans Jumping friends 2

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