Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dream house

My little guy is making big plans lately. He is convinced he is going to marry his friend Madeline any day now. (The two of them have known each other literally since they were born.) This morning on the way to school he told me:

"Madeline and I are going to get a house soon. Will you live there too?"

"Sure," I said. "Who else will live there?"

"Daddy and Hannah and (Madeline's parents and sister). And there is going to be one bedroom, not upstairs."

"Where will we all sleep?" I asked.

"In one big bed, all together. And you can jump off of it. It will be a jumping bed. And the kitchen will have lots of things in it. It will have a drinking fountain."

He paused for a moment, then: "Mama? Is there really a house like that?"

This boy of mine has some big dreams.

best friends

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