Friday, January 6, 2012


Well, I'm finally getting around to downloading the many photos from the month of December.  So...get ready...we're going to relive all of the holiday wonder and magic right here, for posterity's sake.

Let's start with the tree.  We met some good friends at the tree farm where we've gotten a tree every year since we moved to Ithaca.  It was a balmy day, with green grass and a beautiful sunset. The kids had a great time running around in the field of trees. When we met the guy who points you in the right direction for the type of tree you want, he showed us some samples and asked what kind of tree we wanted.  Immediatly, I got the idea that we should get a really sharp tree, so that Hannah wouldn't want to touch it.  Sure enough, it worked. The day we brought it home, I pricked her hand on one of the branches, and that did it.  She didn't once touch the tree.  Of course, Paul and I cursed the whole decorating and de-decorating process - that thing was painful!  We even had a light outage that I had to fix among all of those prickly needles.  Next year, we're back to our regular Fraser Fir.

Anyhow, take a look:

ready to pick a tree

best friends


Smiley girls

...strikes again

Decorated tree

PS - You'll notice more photos of Paul and I.  A certain little someone in our house has picked up a love of taking photos.  (I do need to get him his own camera.)  It's fun to see his perspective on life. Sometimes it's fun to see myself in more photos.  Sometimes not.

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Lemonpuss said...

Genius with prickly tree idea. Ours was vicious too, but I selected for shape and just got lucky.

Kid cameras come w two viewfinders, like binoculars. We didn't get that kind but should have. Possibly better to just skip to an old point & shoot, which was what I ended up doing.