Monday, January 9, 2012

Living room peek

Shall we shift gears to take a peek at the house? I'm kicking myself for not taking better before photos. I'll try to find some this week.

Anyhow we've made the most progres in the living room.

Living room

Former dining room

...ready for Christmas Eve

It's feeling much more like our home these days, which is nice.

We hired someone to take out the wall between the former dining room (with the green rug)and the kitchen. You can see the new archway in the last photo. Paul laid all new floors, put up new trim and installed a new light in the old dining room. We've painted the walls and got new rugs. Now we just need the finishing touches - some more seating and storage, photos on the walls, some lamps, etc. My plan is to drag the kids around to antique stores all winter to inject a bit of old character into this place.

Next up is mudroom lockers, which is going to have me feeling SO much more organized. After that we can paint the kitchen, then take a little break. Whew.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

good golly, new floors and all? wow! looks bright and beautiful :)

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