Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful 2011

This is our second Thanksgiving staying here in Ithaca, and I have to admit, it's still a bit strange.  I'm accustommed to a suburban Thanksgiving with all of the fixings, including lots of cousins to play with and a major parade to kick-off the day.  Our fivesome (this year) here in Ithaca still feels a bit small. But we're doing our best to start our own traditions. 

This year, was the second annual Freemantle Thanksgiving hike.  I will say, starting the day with a big dose of fresh air and some of the most breathtaking sights this side of the Mississippi is a great way to get in touch with that feeling of appreciation for all that we have**.  And the 2-mile hike toting kids on our backs made us feel like we earned our dinner a bit more.

We came home midday to my  mom's tuna dip - always a holiday favorite! - and a relaxing day of eating and TV (completely special around our house.)  Mom and I browsed the Black Friday flyers.  (One great thing about Ithaca is that the malls are dead on Friday morning compared to Detroit.  I've taken to doing all of my holiday shopping on that one day.)  Lots of turkey all around, a fun kid movie, and to bed for all.  Thanksgiving success.

** I feel I should add that our hike was absolutely magical - one of the nicest days I've had at Buttermilk Falls since we moved to Ithaca.  The sun streaming down the canyon, the kids on our backs - Hannah cooing at the water and trees, Aaron noticing every little twist in the rapids.  It was good stuff.


Steven said...

Hi Sheri, I just got an idea! For 2012, how about a Freemantle-Lee Thanksgiving hike? I will do my best to get the Lee clan up early for it :)

The Hall said...

We're in!