Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A chat with A

Even though I should be folding laundry right now, I have to write down some of the very insightful and funny conversations I've been having with A. Man, this kid is a hoot.

Me: Aaron, you know pretty soon we're going to get a new house. That means you'll get a new bedroom, and Hannah will get a new bedroom and we'll get a new kitchen.

A: And a new table

Me: No, we'll take our table with us.

A: And a new Hannah?

Me: No, Hannah is coming with us too.


(Reading a horse book together.)

Me: That's a saddle. You sit on it when you ride a horse.

A: I have a saddle.

Me: You do? (Thinking where has he ever heard this word before?)

A: Yep! It's on my bike.

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