Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good crazy

Tummy time 2
Today was a doosy of a morning.  It's my own fault.  I know better than to sleep in these days.  The extra 45 minutes of snoozing isn't worth the chaos that ensues when both kids wake up before I do.  When I sleep in, everyone wakes up at the same time needing something all at once.  Hannah is hungry or wet or spitting up - today all three, Aaron needs a drink and a cuddle, and Paul needs to get to work.  I'm left thirsty, hungry and sleepy - which usually also results in cranky - trying to juggle everyone else's needs.  Clearly, it's not the ideal way to start your day.

But as I sit here listening to some mellow music and rocking Hannah back to sleep with my foot, I'm okay with the chaos that just passed.  Because it's interspersed with so many sweet moments.  Like when Aaron hurls one of his stuffed animals into Hannah's crib for her to "play" with.  (His stuffed animals are very precious to him, so I know this is some true brotherly love.)  And when she cracks a smile for him as he yells, "Hannah, it's wake up time!"

In the meantime, I keep learning more and more from this journey.  Putting the baby down for five minutes to cuddle Aaron is worth it's weight in gold. Temper tantrums are okay sometimes. And when I'm tempted by that extra little nap in the morning, I should step directly into the shower without hesitating.  Lesson learned. Time for some coffee.

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H said...

That is an AMAZING picture and a great post. You are motivating me - up and into the shower. No matter what!

Love to all of you,