Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back...with curtains and a nursery tour!

Okay, we are happily back and functioning again - for the time being, at least.  And just the time to have you check out these swell curtains hanging in the nursery.  Although this was completely my idea, it ended up being a joint effort with my mom and Paul pitching in a bunch.  (Taking on a project that requires a lot of time on hands and knees is not real bright when you're eight months pregnant.)  But I'm really happy with how they turned out!

Nursery curtains

East wall

Window view

Since we are hoping to move in the next year, I wanted to inject some color into the room without painting the walls.  Hence the fun dandlion fabric (scored on a sweet sale.)

I sewed the panels for the closet first. (Our closet doors are like guillotines for little fingers.)  If you looked closely, you would see lot of mistakes, as I am certainly not a great seamstress. 

For the window curtains, we needed something well-insulated and were hoping to block out a fair bit of light.  This room gets a bright southern exposure, which is great, except at nap time.  We decided to go with two panels - an inner curtain (from Target) and then the decorative ones with blackout lining.  The lining was much tricker.  But by this point, Paul had figured out all of the settings I had wrong on the sewing machine, so they actually turned out better than the closets.  Yea!

You can read all about baby girl's nursery on my P&N blog.

And see more photos here:


Gary's third pottery blog said...

looks totally superbo! bright and gorgeous :)

Candie said...

sheri!!! i love it!! can you please come and decorate my home!

Marcie said...

Hey Sheri,
I have a quick question for your on your P&N blog. Can you email me your email address at Thanks! The room looks gorgeous!