Thursday, February 10, 2011

My new kitchen

Friendly kid-space number two is a new play kitchen for A.  We got it on sale at Toys R Us last week after returning some Christmas presents - namely a remote-control Bigfoot that solicted tears every time we turned him on.  (He is pretty scary.)

So out with the Bigfoot, in with the kitchen. 

So far, it's bought me lots more work-time in the kitchen (without having the pantry ransacked for raisins and chocolate chips!)  A loves to "cook" along side me, and provides plenty of tastes as he goes - usually eggs and cookies. Success!


vacationmomma said...

Oh Sheri, how sweet. When my kids were small, we got the Little Tykes day I found Tyson had put Taylor into the oven! And you know, they both are great cooks today. Pays to start them early.

Dave Deb & Gabriel said...

Hey Guys!
We've watched this video twice and both times Gabe was pushing his face against the screen saying 'Hello? Hello? Aaro? Hello?'.

He is so grown up!