Friday, January 21, 2011

New "office"

Things have been humming along around here, with a few bumps in the road.  (Hence the lack of recent posts.)  Paul and I spent an amazing weekend in Boston to celebrate a dear friend's birthday.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.  But suffice to say that it was amazing.  And if you're ever in Boston for fun, you have to check out this hotel.  It's the bomb!

The day after we retruned home, I came down with the flu - as in the kind that the flu shot should protect you against if you get it.  Lesson learned.  Needless to say, the flu is a bit more complicated when you're 32 weeks pregnant.  But I'm on the mend now. 

Onto something more exciting than the flu:  My super handy husband put together this sweet new "office" for me so that my old office could become the new nursery. 

Sheri's new office

Office open

I'll admit, I had some major hesitations about working from such a small space, and in the major living area of our house.  But so far, I LOVE it. In a smaller space, I feel much more organzied. When I'm working in the evenings, I feel less isolated.  We listen to more music and the such from our computer now. And we've even hooked up the computer to the TV, so we can watch streaming video on the big screen.  Boo-ya!

Check out this shelf he built above our TV as well.  More kids = need for more storage.  :)

TV shelf

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Anonymous said...

That Paul! He's a keeper for sure! Place looks great.