Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas wrap-up

Are you ready for a really long post about our Christmas celebration this year?  I wanted to write everything down so that A will have a record of his Christmases for years to come. 

Christmas Eve started with the traditional first present - a new outfit for A from Grandma Great.


Unfortunately, someone wasn't too happy about wearing it.

Not-happy Aaron

Then it was onto dinner at a new Italian restaurant in town, which was delicious! After dinner, we had a little bit of time to pass, so we came home for some cookies and milk before Christmas Eve mass and had the chance to talk to my extended family in Michigan, who were busy their traditional Christmas Eve celebration.  And some family photos.

A had been feeling a little under the weather, so we had decided to let him stay home from church with Paul. But sure enough, as my mom and I were headed out the door, he decided he wanted to join us. So we all went together. For a two-year-old, he seemed to enjoy the service, even shouting out at one (very quiet) moment, "This is fun!" Luckily, we had some good-humored people sitting around us.

After church, it was a fairly normal bedtime so that Santa would have lots of time to deliver presents.

The next morning, Paul and I were up at 7 or so, had some tea, hung out, set the breakfast table and waited for our little guy to get up.

Breakfast table

Ready to go

It wasn't until almost 8 that he finally called out from his room. When went in to get him, we told him that Santa has visited. He was acting very excited - "Santa was here! Santa was here!" - but it was pretty clear he didn't quite get it.

So we headed out to the family room, where a big Thomas the Train set was waiting.

At first A just stared at it, but then he realized it was his and dove into playing with it.

From Santa

After playing with Santa toys for about an hour, we stopped for a snack, and then it was onto the wrapped presents.

Pile o' presents

The present opening went on all day. Little Aaron was so excited every time he opened a gift that he had to spend a half-hour playing with it before moving onto the next one. We even saved some presents to open the next day.

Treasured flashlight

Go blue!

What is this?!?

We did take a break for a pretty great breakfast, which was one of the highlights of Paul's day.



Then it was back to presents.

A and the pimp hat

Until the house looked like this.


Unfortunately, we don't have many photos of the evening. We made a standing rib roast (which took a long time to cook, but was very delicious.) Then A got a bad earache, which resulted in a perforated ear drum sometime that night. We made it to the doctor the next day, and he recovered quite quickly. Despite our less-than-spectacular ending to the day, it was a really wonderful Christmas.

If you're still reading (I think this is the longest post I've ever written), I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too. And Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

I got my 2 year old a pimp hat too. He pimps the hos down at Kid-E-Kare. When he rolls by, Madison and Kennedie have to throw the money in his big wheelie or they get backhanded.