Friday, October 15, 2010

Things not to forget

Some days, it feels like I'm not doing such a hot job at being the mom of a toddler.  Like when A every twenty minutes to watch Thomas on TV, even though we already watched an hour this morning, and then he has a twenty minute tantrum over the whole thing...or when I have to pin him down to brush his teeth while he's trying to scream with his mouth shut.

Which is why I need to remember all of the very good and sweet things he does.  Like when he said, "Hi baby!" to my tummy...or when he ripped off his diaper and ran to the potty yelling, "Mommmaaa!  Need a wee!" (Progress - hooray!)... or when he finished his snack this afternoon, put his bowl in the dishwasher, and then went to his bedroom for nap time.

I think the most important thing not to forget is that it all balances out, somehow.

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